Hi, my name is Diane Coppola, owner of Cookie Celebration, and I am obsessed with royal icing cookies!

Before I started my Cookie Company (over a year ago!), I was an Organizational Consultant for 15+ years to major corporations who were looking to streamline their operations, relocate their companies and implement new policies and procedures.  Life took some twists and turns (like it usually does)  and I turned a 20 year hobby of making delicious baked goods for family and friends into a full-time business selling royal icing cookies.  To be honest, I never liked iced cookies; I always thought they tasted like Playdough! But one day, while searching the web for cookie ideas, I stumbled across a beautifully decorated heart cookie and I instantly knew I had to try and express my creative side in this particular medium.  With an Associates in Advertising Art and Design, I’d always kept my hands in some creative endeavor whether it be painting murals, sketching or  working with clay.  So I felt, what’s a little cookie dough!

And so, I started on a quest to make not only beautiful, personalized, all natural cookies for special occasions, but to make cookies that tasted GREAT!  Hence, Cookie Celebration was born with four simple recipes, a TON of royal icing, a steady hand and lots of inspiration from various sources which I will share with you in this blog.

A lot of my customers ask me questions about how I got started, what were the hurdles, how to make royal icing, what cookie dough works best, where to get cookie cutters, etc., etc.  So, this blog is born with those questions in mind…and many more…to be answered along the way.  Cookie Celebration is an ongoing adventure for me in learning, sharing and enjoying everything “sweet” about cookies.  So, I invite you to join me and explore your own talent, grow your skill set, and have a ton of fun along the way.




5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. You are amazing. Your cookies are delicious and truly a piece of art! Thank you for putting such great thought into your scrumptious cookies!! xo


  2. Hi Diane! I was trolling the internet looking for cookie inspiration and I am so very glad I found you! Your pictures and descriptions are beautiful and easy to comprehend. I have been binge- reading all evening! One of your blogs, February 2015 / “Hey, where’s you get that cutter?”, You showed a sandwich bread cutter and you weren’t sure what it was. Believe I can help. It is a cutter that makes two dinosaurs. The curved line that would go through the middle is gone. It would be the line from the head to the tail. You say you can see an elephant or birds, well now you can see some dinosaurs, too!
    Thanks again for the inspiration- can’t wait to get started!


  3. Diane,
    I found you on Cookie Connection and so glad I did.

    You’re a cookier with a signature style.

    Your blog is terrific. I’ve been reading it like a book.

    Thanks for generously sharing your fascinating cookie decorating techniques.



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